David Sanders

Artists Statement - Creating art is like a religion – both are faith-based and driven by ritual. The recognition of the aesthetic beauty, the joy and sadness, the triumphs and failures inherent in everyday life as well as my own experiences, informs my art and affirms my passionate space on the planet.

Color/line, light/dark, abstraction/realism; I explore and manipulate these components to create order from disorder. Sometimes these efforts result in a “harmonious” composition, although this is less important to me than a certain freedom from the known, which opens me up to exploring the “unknown”, where that will lead and what it will reveal.

The material I use to create art - acrylic, wood, metal, found objects, and African artifacts are signifiers that simultaneously speak to the future on a personal and global level, and honor the past and present of my community of South Sumter as well as my African heritage. Each element I work with lends itself to my ability to envision it in another form. The wood, metal and other materials become soft and pliable to place here or there, to bend, shape or carve. My works are fluid and continuous and are transformed daily into another entity and yet another entity.

Full artist’s bio available upon request